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Here’s our Story

We’re a small group of investors from a diverse range of backgrounds based within the South Wales area. All of us have run an extremely diverse range of businesses and our sole mission is to increase the success of grassroots business within the UK.

Grassroots was started in early 2020 by Jacob McCarthy and Chris Jones. Both have been prevalent in their respective industries and the small business market within the South Wales area for a number of years. Jacob & Chris have both launched, scaled and successfully exited a number of startups. As well as effectively acquiring and joining a number of existing businesses both in the UK and internationally.

For too long, the attention for investors has been on finding “the next Facebook”, while our aim is to solely support small to medium businesses. SME’s make up three-fifths of the employment market in the UK and we know that together, we can drive the economy forward.

Jacob & Chris have a dream, to see the small business owner succeed and through Grassroots they are able to both combine their experience, capital and network to effectively help the whole community